Writing any kind of book can be a big challenge, but having that book published can be an even bigger challenge. That is why most people opt for writing eBooks because they then have the ability to publish their eBook themselves. If you are not convinced that writing an eBook and then taking the step to sell eBooks is something that will work out for you, then this is a great article for you because if will show you some of the great advantages and benefits that you will be able to get from writing and selling eBooks and let you see why so many people go for that option. We recommend you to check out www.shopify.com/sell/ebooks


Obviously the point of eBooks is that they are meant to be red on some kind of device, however that doesn’t mean that the customer can’t print it out in their own home and enjoy reading it that way. Most people opt for eBooks because they tend to be a lot cheaper than regular books, so even if they don’t like reading off of a screen, that doesn’t meant that they won’t purchase your eBook since they will still be able to print it on their home printer.


Probably the best thing about eBooks is that they are super practical in pretty much every sense of the word. Apart from them being way cheaper than normal books, one of the best things about eBooks is that they don’t take up any space which not only makes them perfect for someone that lives in a small apartment, it also makes them extremely easy to carry around because they are stored on a person’s device. Another thing that makes them really practical is the fact that they are bought and downloaded within seconds which means that not only do people not have to leave the house, they also don’t have to wait for an order to arrive either.


When we say eBooks can be modified, we mean the technical aspects of them. That means that if you decide to sell eBooks you will be able to cater to more people, including people with disabilities. After having been bought, any eBook can be resized which will make it very easy for people that have poor sight and older people to see the text better. Sometimes, with the use of a special software, it is even possible to turn eBooks into audio books which makes things even easier for customers, and again lets more people enjoy your eBook.


Everyone loves a bonus and when someone buys an eBook there is a huge chance that they will get some kind of bonus along with their purchase. These bonuses are not something that you can usually get when buying a regular book and they can be anything from a free chapter of a certain book, to a discount, a special offer and so on. It would be a very smart idea for you to add this type of bonuses along with your eBook because this way the customers feel like they have some extra added value to their purchase and that same thing might be what encourages to buy another one of your eBooks in the future.


We already mentioned that eBooks are very appealing to people because they can have access to them in seconds. If you decide to sell eBooks online something that will really draw customers to you is the fact that they will be able to get your eBook directly on their device screen and that also means that they don’t have to pay for shipping and that is a great thing because it is a known fact that people abandon their online shopping carts mostly because of shipping charges. Apart from that, because this is an eBook we are talking about, that means that there is also absolutely no packaging or boxes that customers have to get rid of and that is another thing that is greatly appreciated.

EBooks are becoming more and more popular and for a bunch of very good reasons. Apart from all of the benefits and advantages that we have mentioned in this article, not only are there way more of them, but there is also the great circumstance that you will be self-published which means you won’t have to deal with publishers and big companies that will no doubt take some percentage of your sales. So, all of this and more is why we feel that now is the right time for you to go ahead write and then sell eBooks.